Sorry that we haven't been updating anything new on this website or on our facebook because of all the craziness of this month of February. Mariko Iwabuchi is currently now performing at the New Valley Performance Hall at CSUN "Big Love" until Sunday, February 20th. Tickets are $15 students so come support Mariko Iwabuchi, Jesse Ricaldi, Kenneth Mayfield, and Tino Nathaniel at 7:30pm February 16th-19th and 2:00pm on Sunday the 20th.

Nancy Ishihara and Liezel Marie are currently rehearsing almost every day at Nordhoff Hall for the new upcomming opera "Animals" that will be shown at the recital hall in Cypress Hall on February 25th-27th. Come support them and the other singers. Tickets for students are between $10-$15.

ALIENS practices will resume THURSDAY February 24th at 7:30-9:30pm. Please be on time. We only have 2 months until KINESIS 2o11 Wednesday, April 27th at 8:oopm.

Hope to see everyone there. More posts and updates comming up =)

--- Lizz Marie <3