why hello there COSMIC. a few things and reminders...
+ please check the COSMIC CALENDAR daily. there are always new updates, changes, and new upcomming performances and gigs.

 As you all know, we are a dance crew that loves to perform, have fun, and just to have a great time and we will have upcomming gigs. We will be having paid gigs and some gigs to just show what COSMIC is made of. Anyways, there will be some auditions for these gigs. There will be auditions that we have to go there physically to show them our moves or there will be gigs that we have to submit such as videos and photos. For those who would like to give individual audtions, I suggest you make a small video clip of your own choreography or a freestyle. You can do more than one video depending on what style you would like to audition for =). So I suggest everyone, and I MEAN EVERYONE does a video clip and show them what you got =p. There will be upcomming events and gig opportunities so please email the video at cosmic[dot]dancecrew[at]gmail[dot]com and I will keep them on file and whatever auditions I find, I will email you back personally and telling you what the audition is all about and you need to let me know whether or not you want me to submit your piece =)

+ COSMIC will be hitting up the dance floor at Samba Brazilian Lounge at Universal City Walk, please check the calendar for details.

+ calling all ALIENS, we only have about a month left for rehearsals for Kinesis, I need everyones full cooperation and attention especially during the process of cleaning =) KINESIS is APRIL 27th, 2o11 Wednesday at Plaza Del Sol at 8pm

THERE WILL BE A BOARD MEETING this Thursday, March 24th after Alien's practice at 9:30pm at redwood hall 23o. Please attend if you are interested and willing to COMMIT  in gigs, auditions, and performance opportunities.

Also for those who are involved in performances, please check your facebook messages. I will also do my best to text you guys on more information but please be responsible to check your calendars and your messages on your own. The calendar is there to remind you on everything.  more information to come!

--- Lizz Marie <3
Good morning COSMIC!

please do not forget! Alien's practice tonight, Wednesday at 7-9pm at Redwood hall 292! Please be prompt and on time for those who can make this practices. We only have approximately 2 months until the show. KINESIS is April 27th, Wednesday at 8pm at the Plaza Del Sol!

Do not forget to spread the word and print out flyers to give to people about our FUNDRAISER on March 10th, Thursday from ALL DAY from 11:30am-10:30pm.

Nancy Ishihara & Mariko Iwabuchi is featured in a picture in the Valley Performing Arts Website "Campaign for the Arts" & Liezel Marie is featured in Student Highlights Website in CSUN "Activities." Check them out.

for those who are in COSMIC, if you have a story tell us for us to spread the word to the whole team or amazing news, please email COSMIC at cosmic[dot]dancecrew[at]gmail[dot]com.


--- Lizzz Marie <3




Why hello there COSMIC!
Congratulations to Mariko Iwabuchi, Jessie Ricaldi, Tino Nathaniel, KennethMayfield and the rest of the performers on a successful production of "BIG LOVE." You guys did amazing!

Also congratulations to Nancy Ishihara & Liezel Marie for taking part in the opera directed by Maurice Gopin (featured in FRIENDS, House, Wizards of Waverly Place, and much more) "The Menagerie of Mankind." They did amazing and it was really quite the experience.

NEWS: Every Monday and Wednesday between 2-4pm, COSMIC members  such as Wyatt Garrett start freestyling session out in Matador Square at CSUN so for those are interested in checking them out and anyone who is willing to participate, feel free to join! Don't be shy! Dance is all about expression and just having fun! We also try to throw in a dance session every Thursday nights at Redwood hall after 930pm so come out!!

MARCH 10th and MARCH 17th, 2o11 COSMIC will be having a FUNDRAISER at BOUNCE BOBA LOFT all DAY! Please EVERYONE come out and support your COSMIC DANCE CREW! We are raising money to find a place for us to practice, rehearse, and workshops and for our new COSMIC jackets.

+ ALIENS: we will now start practices for KINESIS 2011 MONDAYS 73o-93o. SOME WEDNESDAYS 7-9pm. and THURSDAYS 73o-93o starting March 7th. PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS.
+ ON MARCH 26th, Nancy Ishihara has been chosen to choreograph FLASH MOB for incoming Freshman at CSUN. GOOD LUCK NANCY!
+ Our very own Jean Nguyen will also be starting a new project "Action Fighting Series" and would like COSMIC members to participate so whoever is interested, contact him through his facebook.
MARK YOUR CALENDARS GUYS and CONSTANTLY check the CALENDAR!! Much love you guys!!!

--- Lizz Marie <3