As you know, summer is now here and there are so much to do and literally so little time.
OUR LAST FUNDRAISER is this coming JUNE 30th, Thursday ALL DAY At Bounce Boba Loft, Northridge CA. most of the team members will be there from 5-7pm so if you want to know more about the team and the crew, then you are welcome to join us and meet the team and the board members.

COSMIC Dance crew is also hosting a workshop at this brand new dance studio space in North Hollywood, "Dance It Off" Dance Studio just on the corner of Laurel Canyon and Victory. The workshop will be on JUNE 28th Tuesday from 5-6pm taught by our very own Mariko Iwabuchi (Co-Founder & Vice President of COSMIC). It's $5 per person so what a great way to learn how to do the running man or the Roger rabbit for so cheap!

for more information, you are welcome to email us at cosmic[dot]dancecrew[at]gmail[dot]com.

ALSO COSMIC DANCE CREW will be making a dance appearance at the new Skinny's Lounge at North Hollywood. More details will be given once the date and program is set. I sure hope to see everyone there to support the team. Please also help the team by SPREADING THE WORD to the community on our work, workshops, fundraisers, and events. All we want to do is to reach out to the community and touch the hearts of dancers and non dancers through the creativity and art of dance.

--- <3 Lizz Marie


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